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the ones that keep the education, events, and entertainment going

Valerie HS.png

Valerie Holt

Lead Instructor

Valerie is the lead educator, one of many storytellers, a social media curator, and a graphics editor for Time2Tabletop. On most days you will find her experimenting with games, stories, and thinking up new ideas. When she isn’t working on one of her many passion projects (which there is a lot of) she is getting lost in some random game. While video games will always be her first love, she also enjoys board games, rpgs, and weird experimental games of all kinds.

Mariah Toles HS.png

Mariah Toles

Social Media Specialist

Hey i’m Mariah and I like food. I’m kidding, food isn’t the only thing I like. Hanging out with my family is an essential part of my life and of course the best way to do that is through gaming!

Vincent Hamilton HS.png

Scooter Hamilton


Scooter is a husband, a father, an avid all around gamer, and the founder of Time2Tabletop. You will find him in front and behind the scenes of organizing local  gaming events, producing live streams, and developing enrichment classes based on gaming together. He enjoys being part of his local and online community so much that he created D&D n RPGs of Sacramento and Time2Tabletop! After leaving a long career in Retail Management and IT he decided to spread the love of gaming and community to all. He works on multiple projects that encompass community and gaming strongly believing that we can bring people together for the greater good. You will find him shouting out to anybody that will listen, “Go big or go BIGGER”, “Gaming together can save the world”, “pull up a chair and make time 2 tabletop.”

Lucy Zheng HS.png

Lucy Zheng

Project Research and Development

Lucy believes that interpersonal skill development through working together (including but not limited to gaming, sports, academic clubs) will help us overcome many of life’s challenges. As a college consultant, Psychology PhD student, and former high school teacher, she knows that learning can occur everywhere, so she aims to create and support programs that provide both education and fun. When she’s not editing essays or analyzing data, she likes playing Zombicide, writing fiction, and going on adrenaline-filled adventures.

Ariel Mattar HS.png

Ariel Mattar

Graphic Design

Ariel is a graphic designer located in Everett, WA with a love for storytelling and creativity (a passion which may have very well come from her dad, Scooter!)  She lives in the PNW with her husband Tony, daughter Linya, and golden retriever Samson. In the heat of the craziness of 2020, Ariel officially launched her graphic design company All the Creative. Her desire for All the Creative is to help companies and brands tell their story through design and marketing. She loves travel, new experiences, trying different foods, and hearing the stories of everyone she meets! Come say hello on Instagram (@arielmattar) and tell her YOUR story!

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