New Trippers

Passed down through worship gatherings, youngling’s books, and high rulers, every 42 millennia a group of planets are removed unbeknownst to its alpha inhabitants. This is said to balance the life system as we know it. (Also quickens connections between A to B, while hopefully visiting E and residing in D)

A less popular section of this ancient history is that some of these alpha inhabitants find ways to survive. Some say that they are the key to life’s true progress and are to be the saviors of the universe.

A more popular theory says that they just wander the universe missing the true meaning of just about everything while searching for themselves yet never finding it. Trippers are said to be more like vagabonds and are always looking to hitch a ride on the next ship.

Since none of this has ever been seen or proven, most written history would consider these notions to be nothing but folklore …

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Trillian is – at her core – a ball of energy, energy capable of pulling other materials into it, reshaping them into what she likes. Her first memories of her home planet, though hazy, are of a world much different than the world she currently inhabits. Of her home planet, she remembers balls of light and energy pulsating from every angle, coils of electrical currents striking out like snakes into every corridor, and everywhere beacons of fluorescence and energy shooting into the skies. She doesn’t remember much more of her home world, or of her family, but she still dreams of it.

Schgref, the mining planet she currently inhabits is cold, barren, and comprised of beings not like herself. They are small-minded, squishy, fleshy creatures with arms and legs and skin and teeth, and who excrete sounds and smells she had never imagined could exist. She was brought here when she was still just a spark, left here alone to fend for herself. Who’s to tell how old she is. She is a child, that’s for certain, filled with an intense curiosity and loneliness, and a longing for acceptance from anyone, anything, and most of all – to learn who she is, where she comes from.
When she first discovered that she was different from the native Schgreffians, she used her advanced mind – a formidable tool – to absorb fibers of the lovely magnetic metallic dust that covered the planet’s most rocky seaside shores, which she was delighted to find also had the capability of conducting electricity. She created a form she thought would be suitable to this world, a humanoid figure – a child’s figure – made from spindly tendrils of metallic fibers, connecting to form her body in an almost spider-web effect. She hoped this would gain her acceptance from the planet’s inhabitants, but they were frightened of her and cast her out many years ago.
She now cloaks herself in a robe that only exposes her spider-web face, and exists on the planet only as local myth to the commonfolk, a figure sometimes that can be seen haunting the cliffsides, moving between the shadows of the land, barely visible. But she, still just a child, longs for acceptance and to find her real home planet, where there are others like herself. Feeling very alone and intensely curious about the outside world, she sneaks into the archives at night to absorb what she can about the universe and the people/creatures of it. And mostly she is determined to learn the truth behind why she was left on this planet in the first place, and by whom.
Description: Ball of energy that has absorbed magnetic metallic material from her planet to create a somewhat humanoid form that has capability of transmutation, to create/conduct pyroelectricity, as well as mild telekinesis and telepathy.

played by: Sarah Wissenback



Griff with his radical Npia sidekick (companion) named Tanya. Griff has no recollection of his past at all other than he woke up in a desert cave with 3 dead Npai researchers around him. He found a file on one of them that was partially destroyed saying that he was a prototype of some kind. Griff left the cave only knowing he was a prototype of some sort and the stuff he could salvage from the scene. He decided he would search for his past and find out what he was made for. About a year after he woke up in the cave he met Tanya. He had saved her from being murdered by people in black cloaks because she had developed telekinetic abilities and they were afraid of what she was capable of doing. Her parents died that day and she had nowhere left to go so Griff decided she could tag along with his search for past, purpose, and now the men in black cloaks. So now they are a pair of badasses on a quest.

played by: Brandon Rogers



Kuhchek, a human like race but with feline-like stripes on their bodies and sometimes, face. The more pure bred the Kuhchek, the more fine and detailed their stripes will be. Much like felines, their eyes can range from a multitude of colours. Red eyes are deeply frowned upon, light green and light blue are praised.

Smiech is a planet of people separated by wealth and appearances. Last names are non-existent, since you’re able to identify the wealthy and the bruhtns. A bruhtn is anyone with poor or close to no stripes, deep coloured eyes, or no wealth. The wealthy side saw it to be OK to disown their kin if they were not up to their appearance  standards, and would be banished into the bruhtn side of the world.

Raised on the wealthy side of Smiech, Ditz was raised in a privileged, well established family and household. She was a one of a kind genius with an untouchable wit and way with words. She thrived to be a more memorable kuhcheck since so many were incredibly similar to each other. As she grew older, Ditz found herself finding flaws in the world and people around her, seeing it wasn’t exactly how they explained it to be on the privileged side. After talking her way out of many risky situations, she slipped through the cracks and adventured onto the other side of the planet, the bruhtn side. In much dismay, she couldn’t believe how many people were amongst this side. So many different kuhcheks roamed the streets, more diverse and unique than she could’ve ever imagined. Almost instantly, she fell in love with this side. Being associated with the rich seemed all too much like a nightmare to her. And thus here, she was able to blossom into her own being. After a while, she realized what she truly excelled at and could get away with: conning. She loved suckering people in with her charm and reaping the benefits. Especially when it was an interaction with one of the wealthy. In fact, after doing it for so long, she tried to only target the wealthier side.

played by: Rysa Kole



7′ tall, medium light brown hair, thin angular face. Upon passive observation, there is nothing to distinguish him – in fact, it requires some attention to realize that he’s not entirely humanlike. Very sneaky, although whether it’s a natural ability or practiced skill is still up in the air. Usually, he’s never noticed unless he announces his presence. Sometimes, he is sat upon and teleported accidentally.

Kragar was originally a rather respected member of House Dragon, one of the more aristocratic houses of his homeland. But due to an unfortunate set of events, namely that his orders on the battlefield were ignored (presumably because soldiers didn’t know he was there), it was he was “excommunicated” from House Dragon and forced to scrape a living with the dregs of civilization and the lower Houses. His natural aptitude for observation, skill with a blade, and unique ability to go totally unnoticed gave him something to offer the criminal underground which was controlled by House Jhereg. Associating with the Jhereg had an additional benefit: they allow people with enough cash to buy their way into the House and receive official title as a member of House Jhereg. This title bestows certain privileges on its holder. In essence, it allowed Kragar to become a citizen of the Empire again.

played by: Jim Last



The biological structure of the ‘Ori Kardan is what other sentient species might call “unstable” when in reality, the opposite is true. In order to adapt and evolve no matter their environment, the ‘Ori Kardan are able to absorb and integrate almost any material into their physiology. This has resulted in their natural, biological evolution leading to a solid “blank slate” state at birth, which over time develops into a myriad of appearances and abilities, depending on how each individual is raised. By adulthood, it may be impossible to recognize any familial connection between even twins, if the two followed vastly different paths in life.

Throughout and ‘Ori Kardan’s life, the materials and foods they ingest are broken down to a molecular level, where the base elements are then absorbed by individual cells in their body. The cells copy the molecular structure of these substances, and slowly imitate them.

Jaya Vesh’Orran Del Io Mon Naramis was born to a family of Harvesters, those who have devoted their lives to Nirana, the Lady of Leaves. As a child, he was taught to identify hundreds of plants, and their various medicinal or nutritional qualities. Due to his family’s Dedication, Jaya was also given some knowledge of poisons, toxins, and other harmful products developed from plants. This limited knowledge was far more interesting than his traditional Harvester training. His fascination with the deadlier aspects of plant life led him to the temple of Vraska, the goddess of poisons. Entering the temple for the first time, he was welcomed by the acolytes, and invited to study Vraska’s ways. Fearing his family’s reaction to him learning the ways of death and decay, Jaya began his education in secret, spending hours each night on his studies. The more he learned, the more he wished to know. He soon realized he could not Devote himself to Nirana the way his family had. Instead, he would make his Dedication to Vraska when the time came.

Years passed this way, studying the way of the Harvesters by day, and secretly learning the Apothecary’s arts by night. Throughout his training, Jaya came to a startling realization: no ‘Ori Kardan had incorporated Vraska’s deadliest creations into their physiology! He collected samples of poisonous plants and ate incredibly small increments in order to see if his body could adapt.

There’s more in my head, but I know you want to get me added in by Thursday, so the shortened version is: Jaya absorbed several poisons and venoms, and became something of a living weapon. After declaring his Devotion to Vraska, his family all but disowned him for turning to the dark counterpart of their god. He rose through the ranks of his temple, becoming a skilled assassin that uses his own venoms to kill.

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