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Hans Chun is a software developer and enthusiastic runner of games. Starting with Dungeons and Dragons in the 90s, Hans has run a variety of games. After a hiatus of several years, he returned to role-playing games after finding the Dungeons and Dragons 5e Starter Set and later the popular Twitch stream Critical Role. His passion for games and great moments at the table reignited, he began to run games at home. Lacking consistency and regular play, he also started running games for a local Meetup group called D&DnRPGs that hosted events all around the Sacramento, California region. Through connections made there, he started running the Infinity Tower show on the Time2Tabletop Twitch channel.

Hans is a fan of many games, including Dungeons and Dragons and the Cypher System games of Monte Cook Games, including Numenera, The Strange, Gods of the Fall and Predation. He is also a big advocate of free games and easy introductions into role-playing games, including Fate Core from Evil Hat Productions and Open Legend RPG from Seventh Sphere Publishing.

His blog for the Infinity Tower show and his thoughts on running the game Building the Infinity Tower and his general ideas blog Fictions & Fragments.




This is Theophraxis Tinkestro ala Mastrenordan, Regalio Plinartee the Sliverbrow, Winterfoot of the Underroot. The non-gnome folk out there might also have heard him called Theophraxis. His friends know him simply as Theo. He has recently constructed a new personality–a pirate what goes by the name of Cap’n Fuzzy Boots. But this invention is reserved primarily for beer runs and other special occasions as yet to be determined. 

A gnome by both day and night, Theo’s three great loves are food (mushrooms and beer topping the list), tinkering, and making things go boom. He’s built a handful of weapons and devices, from the life saving AutoCleric to the unnecessarily complex but explosively entertaining Fantabular. In combat, he fields a startling array of firearms and other weapons. He also carries a hoard of sundries in his prized Bag of Holding, including a quantity of both black powder and alcoholic beverages that should be illegal for any one gnome to have about their person.

When not adventuring, Theo lives in a burrow called Cozy Hollow in the city of East Keep. While he also has a private room in the Infinity Tower, he retreats to the burrow whenever his experiences get the better of him or when he needs to restore his general sense of community. He recently joined the ranks of a super double secret gnome group known as the Finders Society, but you didn’t hear that from him. He’s also befriended and entity known as The Sage of Darkness.

played by: Sean Hokum



I am only a simple Tabaxi Monk, but, if you can spare a moment of your time, l will share a tale of great adventure sure to quicken your pulse and bring a smile to your face. Payment? By the Cat God’s whiskers, I would never dream of requesting such an extravagance. Simply a portion of your food and a warm place to sleep shall suffice.

Oh my. Where are my manners? I haven’t properly introduced my… self… What do you have there? Is that Dwarven Ale? Well, if you don’t mind pouring me a cup, it would be most appreciated, please and thank you.

Ahem. Where was I? Ah, yes! Introductions!  My name is Aurora Over Nine Trees, a native of Tregeria and a scholar of antiquities. Before you ask, yes, I am of the famous Taiga Tigers and a direct descendant of the Great Empress Fang. What?! You have never heard of the Great Empress Fang? It sounds like I have two tales of great adventure to tell tonight!

Hmmmm. What’s that? You are not interested in the myths of the ages? You want to know about me? Are you sure you wouldn’t prefer to hear a story about Half-Tail, the greatest hero Taubas Vaen has ever known? How about some lovely flute music and a lively dance? I do apologize, but I am not one to dwell upon the autobiographical.

All right. Very well then. If you must know, I grew up in the freezing northern steppes of Tregeria. Actually, more accurately, near the steppes. Certainly, subArctic. Then again, in a manner of speaking, everything is subArctic, except for the actual Arctic, ammirite? This guy gets it! More ale, please!

Let’s see. What else is relevant? I was trained in the Ways of the Four Elements by Abbottess Whisper at the Swaying Branches Monastery and… You know what? I do apologize. It just occurred to me that the monastery is supposed to be a secret so forget I said anything about it, okay?

Anywho, I guess you could say I am a bit of a drifter. I don’t care to be tied to any one place or any one dogma. I merely help out where and when I can. For instance, this very pleasant village of halflings have been harrassed by a terrible, smelly, no good horde of orcs as of late. Seems as though the scoundrels made off with their very best Dwarven ale on their last raid. Can you believe that? Now, if you wouldn’t mind topping me off… No? Hmpf! Stingy.

Long story short, these poor halflings hired me to eliminate their problem. I don’t mean to boast, but I am well renowned in Eastkeep as an orc-slayer and- Hey! Why are you all drawing weapons? Oh, right! You are probably the orcs! Well, then… Let’s dance.

played by: Kat Cahill



Arven was nearly 4 summers old when he was orphaned and sent to live with his grandparents. Growing up on a small farm, his childhood was humble, but his grandparents worked hard to ensure that he never did without. Many summers passed while he lived on the farm, and Arven grew hardy as he worked the fields year after year. As he matured into adulthood, his life became a balance of an ever-increasing load of farm work and providing care for his aging grandparents. He maintained that balance until they passed on, but the farm itself had suffered with his attentions so divided, and had fallen into a shambles. He stayed on for a short time selling off what remained of the livestock and the harvest, and once it was all sold, he locked the doors of the farm house and made his way to Eastkeep.

The afternoon sun was at its zenith when Arven arrived. He had barely walked in through the city gate when the call to arms sounded. The orcish hordes were on the move again, and it did not take long for Arven to be found and pressed into service. During his training, he showed promise as a frontline soldier and an even greater aptitude for the healing arts; subsequently, he was selected to serve as a combat medic for an O company, known as the Black Teeth. They were always in the forefront of the fiercest battles, and Arven’s healing arts quickly became invaluable to them. He fought and bled alongside his half-orc comrades, and they soon came to know him as kin. He learned their ways and their language. He internalized their passion, their rage, and their hatred for the orcs that sired them.

After months of fighting, the Black Teeth were sent along with a scouting expedition to establish a foothold in the northern reaches. Once a suitable staging area for the main force of the army was discovered, the O company remained behind while the scouts returned with news of the location. In the predawn hours one morning, a cohort of Orcs discovered the Black Teeth, surrounded them, and attacked. Each side knew there could be only one victor, and they all fought to the last, all hacked and pierced by each other’s blades. Arven laid amongst his foes and kin with a spear through his belly. His world grew cold and dark as he bled out when the sun finally breached the horizon. He felt the suns light enter him, warming his blood and healing his wounds. He felt the love of Pelor bringing him back to life, and he knew that Pelor had given him purpose to live another day. His body radiating with light and life, Arven stood up to face the rising sun and pulled the spear from his torso, letting it fall with a clatter as the wound sealed itself shut.

played by: William Jones



Hello to you my friends! My name is Doctor Emilliano Franz, but please, refrain from calling me Emilliano if you could. Just Doctor, Franz, or Dr. Franz will do.

I am a student of biology, of the mysteries of life itself. I seek to understand why so many of us are cursed to only be in this world for barely a hundred years, while elves, dwarves, dragons and the like live on for centuries. Why is longevity gifted to only a specific few? Why are some of us ravaged by diseases beyond our control that never affect others? I would ask Pelor the lord of light himself for answers, but he is not exactly fond of me…

You see I tend to, eh…dabble a bit in necromancy. Having grown up under the worship of Pelor I know that it is a subject not spoken highly of, but I must ask why. It is an entire branch of magic that we refuse to study out of fear. To understand life it is logical to study death as well, yes? 

The undead can show us so much about how to overcome our limits and how to improve ourselves. It is more than just a morbid curiosity that drives me. Think of the possibilities that could be achieved! Of all the illnesses and disabilities that could be cured or made nonexistent! I’m not here to raise an army of the dead to conquer the land. Such an endeavor would be pointless. No, through studying the undead I can make use of their very nature to benefit the rest of the world.

Perhaps I can eliminate a vampire’s dependency on blood and it’s weakness to sunlight? I could develop an improvement on the process of lichdom, where the body would stay healthy and never rot away. We would gain all of the benefits and none of the weaknesses! Never again will I lose anyone to…excuse me. I have said enough.

I left my old home to pursue the knowledge denied to me for my entire life. Soon my research will benefit us all. So what if my methods are revolting in Pelor”s eyes? He is not the only divine being around. And in the end, even the gods themselves will not be able to deny my results!

played by: Marvin Davis



Behind the Scenes

Scooter is a husband, a father, an avid all around gamer, and the founder of Time2Tabletop. You will find him in front and behind the scenes of what we do here. He enjoys being part of his local and online tabletop gaming community.  He has started up the tabletop RPG community D&D n RPGs in Sacramento and created Time2Tabletop! After leaving a long career in Retail Management and IT (even left Apple to do this) he decided to spread the love of gaming to all. He works on many different projects that encompass community and gaming. He makes time to coach sports for elementary students, teach after school electronic/robotic enrichment classes, and plays a lot of games with the local community. He strongly believes that tabletop gaming brings people together for the greater good. You will find him shouting out to anybody that will listen, “Go big or go BIGGER”, “Gaming can save our lives”, and “You have to make Time2Tabletop.”

For this adventure he clicks buttons, drinks beer, and has a laugh behind his monitor.