A dystopian experience through the tabletop games like Pandemic Legacy, ApocalypseWorld, and Blades in The Dark.

Dystopian Masters

Kat Cahill
Jim Goodnight

Hi there America and planet world, I’m Jim!

Yes, one of Maryland’s native sons. A self-described semi-professional tabletop RPG playing jerk-ass, I can say I started on the classics: AD&D (1st Edition), Traveler, Rifts, D6 Star Wars, World of Darkness, and even more games than I can honestly count. As I got older, I didn’t play as much, but, when I moved out here in 2015, I met with some of the members of the local tabletop RPG community and I haven’t stopped playing since!

I’ve been working as an interim intern at @time2tabletop since spring 2017. When the opportunity to co-host/co-produce Adrenochrome with the wonderful and super-awesome Kat Cahill, I jumped at the opportunity! Why?

Because I love the Post-Apocalyptic/Dystopian genre. I love the storytelling you can do with what remains of the world you currently live in, and you can see the follies that befell that civilization, especially with a case of gallows humor about it. Blame Stephen King and The Stand, blame George Miller and Mad Max, blame Interplay and Bethesda for Fallout, blame Harlan Ellison for A Boy and his Dog, blame Philip K. Dick and Do androids dream of electric sheep… Blame these genres for making me love it so damn much!

So, that’s why I play and sometimes run games on Adrenochrome. We all have ideas, stories, thoughts, plans, and one of the best ways to make those real, is to sit around a table with your friends, roll some dice and tell a story of what happens when people play in your sandbox. Right now, time2tabletop has only stoked the fires of creativity and I’m loving every minute of it.

If you have suggestions, comments, or wanna just say hi, please email us We’d love to hear back from you! Who knows, maybe, just maybe, we’ll be at your FLGS and you can play a game with us, or even sit back and chat.



What We Play

Blades in the Dark



“I Drive.”
“Let me tell you a story. It’s gonna be weird, but, then again what ain’t around here?”

“A long time ago, there was this guy who crawled out of a hole. This guy, he wanted to know what was going in the world, long after the end of it all. So, he started walking. And then, this guy finds a junkyard, and he gets this car running with the help of a couple of old guys who lived there. They gave him a jacket so underground guy couldn’t be identified, and they gave him some rigging and a sawed off to protect himself out there, and of course, some old cassettes to jam out to on the road. So, this guy heads off into the wastelands, looking to find out more and eventually, he gets gunned down, trying to save some folks, somewhere out west. One survivor, who the underground guy saved, becomes some sorta ‘venging angle, and starts trying to meter out wasteland justice to the gangs and other assholes out here and there.”

“Twenty-something years later, this guy runs into a gang, with some kind of old world-viking fetish. He tries to rescue this kid who was indoctrinated into this gang, and, well, shit don’t go so well. The hero-man gets killed by their leader, and they leave the kid for dead. The kid, he wakes up, and he’s trying to figure out what’s going on, and then he sees the old hero-guy, dying and he gives the kid his gear, after burial of course. So this kid, he gets into the stuff that belonged to the hero, and he don’t wanna be a hero. He wants to build his strength, get the legend of the man to grow before he does. Sooner or later, he’s out there, and he’s the best fucking wheelman near Happy Valley. He runs up and down the roads, doing merc work, sometimes scav’ing out there, sometimes trying to find these “Lost Vikings”, and maybe, taking their leader down, not because it’s one less monster out there, but, maybe because he owes it to the dead man who tried to save him.

“So, Road Runner, he’s over there… I’m sure the fella could drive you where you need to go Burroughs… Besides, you wanna guy who’ll kill anyone who tries to kill you, ‘specially if’n there’s some jingle for the work, right?”

Burroughs nodded, and walked over to meet the man who would be their protector in the wastes. Funny how fate worked out that way, huh?

played by: Jim Goodnight



Pandemic: Legacy