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Join Michael Panush as he leads us through the more darker times in history. Using settings like 1692 Salem, 1888 London, 1917 St. Petersburg, and others using the Urban Shadows system from Magpie Games. Watch all episodes on our Generation Shadow Twitch Video Collection!

Strange goings-on unfold as we play Night’s Black Agents, a gumshoe system by Pelgrane Press.

Players: @anniedisaster09, @HappyFunTimeBGs, @HunnieBunz, @discopreacha, @waderockett

Story created by @Fenacinni

Watch all episodes on our From Darkness With Love Twitch Video Collection!

We pull up a chair with different storytellers and chat about different subjects pertaining to RPGs and tabletop gaming.

We play short story arcs using some of our favorite RPG systems.