Role-Playing for Development

9 Campaign

Interactive gaming sessions providing an environment to learn:

  • communication
  • problem solving
  • accountability
  • social connection
  • creative thinking

. . . all while having FUN!

This is where players create an imaginary character, sit around a table, and use their words and expressions to convey their actions, thoughts, and decisions. Some outcomes depend on how they build their character while other outcomes are based on chance.

These sessions are developed by an amazing group of educators, writers, artists, and a Developmental Psychology grad student – all tabletop gamers themselves.

Our Role-Playing for Development provides a safe environment where someone can express themselves while learning life skills that are essential in our growing and diverse world. They will be placed in a fun, immersive game that will teach them self-reflection, how to relate to and accept others, teamwork, leadership, and many other useful social skills.

We offer weekly one-hour gaming sessions catered to the needs of the players and venue. Make sure to check out your local site for dates, times, and registration!

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