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Enrichment programs that provide an environment where someone can express themselves while learning life skills that are essential in our growing and diverse world.

Every session allows you to have fun playing tabletop games while helping you learn self-reflection, how to relate to and accept others, teamwork, leadership, creativity, and many other useful social skills.

These sessions are developed by an amazing group of educators, writers, artists, and a developmental psychology doctoral student – all tabletop gamers themselves.

courses we offer
Role-Playing for Development logo 400

Role-playing game sessions providing an environment to learn about:

  • communication
  • problem solving
  • accountability
  • social connection
  • creative thinking

. . . all while playing  ROLE-PLAYING GAMES!

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Tabletop game sessions that provide an environment to learn about:

  • teamwork & adaptability
  • leadership
  • problem solving
  • decision making
  • interpersonal

. . . all while playing BOARD GAMES!

Weaving Stories for Development 400

Storytelling game sessions that provide an environment to learn about:

  • creativity
  • working together
  • friendship
  • non-linear storytelling
  • confidence

. . . all while           TELLING STORIES!

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