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Where are we learning our social emotional skills?

Technology has become such an integral part of our lives, in the form of cellphones, computers, and automated machines. Yet even as our lives become more efficient and people become more connected electronically, we are slowly losing environments where we can physically interact with others and develop our social emotional skills, without fear of judgment from others.

We at Time2Tabletop offer a social emotional educational development (SEED) program using Role-playing as Development and Board gaming as Development in an effort to provide a safe environment for participants to learn social emotional skills in a fun, constructive, and interactive manner.

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Role-playing As Development

We have created and published an interactive tabletop role-playing game in order to offer custom curriculums and lesson plans that fit your students and classroom needs.

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Board gaming As Development

We work with designers and publishers in order to offer custom curriculums and lesson plans using board games that fit your students and classroom needs.

"My daughter loves it. We will be signing her up again!"

- Jeff (Parent)

"My son likes it and tells me stories about it. I like that he has the opportunity to connect with students in a different way."

- Sabino (Parent)

"Playing games with people as a team makes us work together easier."

- Ayva (3rd grade)

"Our 2nd grader loved his experience at Time2Tabletop’s Role-Playing as Development sessions! He had a chance to meet and get to know kids in a fun and exciting way. He really looks forward to the sessions and I’m so glad they offer them at his school."

- Meghan (Parent)

"I learned that you should work together."

- Jonah (3rd grade)

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