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Our Classroom Kits

What are they?

Time2Tabletops classroom kids include everything that you need to teach your classroom Time to Tabletops RAD curriculums. Our RAD curriculums use games to teach important life skills.

Why they are awesome!

RAD curriculums are interactive tabletop role-playing games. While we have a few published curriculums, we are able to create a custom curriculums to meet your students neeeds.

Why do we use games to teach?

Teaching kids social skills through games is a matter of “learning by doing” (Adams, 1973; Bowman, 2010; Hertel & Millis, 2002; Heyman, 1975; Maidment & Bronstein, 1973; Zemliansky & Wilcox, 2010). Not only are games more engaging and allow us to build stronger social bonds (McGonigal, 2011), but research shows that games can be effective in teaching kids social cues and be more effective than direct instruction (Alfieri, Brooks, Aldrich, & Tenenbaum, 2011; Weisberg, Hirsh-Pasek, Golinkoff, Kittredge, & Klahr, 2016).

How do the lessons work?

This curriculum is designed to use Role-playing for Development (RAD), a social skills development program utilizing the interactive, in-person gameplay unique to tabletop role-playing games (TTRPGs). Trained instructors will follow a published curriculum story script, manage rules, and provide kids with opportunities to make difficult in-game decisions that encourage them to work together, manage emotions, develop empathy, and think about consequences. This curriculum consists of six to eight 60-minute-long sessions and kids will be in a group with five other children.

Our Classroom Kits
Quest Through Labyrinth Mountain

What skills will it teach?

- Empathy

- Adaptation

- Strategy

- Accountability

- Respect

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Visitor From the Skies  | Coming Soon!

What skills will it teach?

- Team decision making

- Critical thinking

- Communication

- Team work

- Friendship

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