Scooter is driven by how he can help the community through gaming. While dreaming of how to inspire inclusion and diversity, he began building a community of tabletop gamers in the Sacramento area a few years ago through D&D n RPGs of Sacramento. The involvement has been over the top amazing! He received overwhelming support from store owners, conventions, and all around great people in the area.

He is now also spreading this community feeling to anyone and everyone out there through Time2Tabletop. The core belief of Time2Tabletop is to save the world through gaming together. We all have a common language of gaming so pull up a chair and make Time2Tabletop!


Scooter is a husband, a father, an avid all around gamer, and the founder of Time2Tabletop. You will find him in front and behind the scenes of what we do here including running games, producing Twitch live streams, and developing enrichment classes based on gaming together. He enjoys being part of his local and online tabletop gaming community so much that he created D&D n RPGs of Sacramento and Time2Tabletop! After leaving a long career in Retail Management and IT (even left Apple to do this) he decided to spread the love of gaming to all. He works on many different projects that encompass community and gaming. He plays a lot of games with the local community and strongly believes that tabletop gaming brings people together for the greater good. You will find him shouting out to anybody that will listen, “Go big or go BIGGER”, “Gaming can save the world”, “Pull up a chair and make Time2Tabletop.”




Ariel is a wife, dog mom, and daughter of Time2Tabletop founder, Scooter. She is a full-time “corporate office employee,” and a part-time blogger and graphic designer. She is also passionate about the art of storytelling, and loves the community and diversity that a good story can create. This is partially what drew her to joining to help with Time2Tabletop. That, plus she truly believes in her dad’s vision for the movement. Her hope when helping to design the logo for T2T is that it would showcase unity within differences as well as bring together young and “old,” alike. Like her dad always said “you have to grow old, but you don’t have to grow up.” She wanted the logo for T2T to embody just that.  

A Seattle-area native, she loves all things coffee. When it’s not raining (and sometimes even when it is,) you will find her outdoors with her husband and her pup. Her indoor activities mostly include watching Marvel movies, obsessing over cheesy TV shows, volunteering at her church, and trying new recipes in the kitchen. Her and her husband love to travel and are always looking for new places to visit. Their life motto is “memories over materialism,” and they believe in living life to its absolute fullest!

I’m Rysa Kolesinski, and I game because it’s what I was brought up on, it’s what I have passion for, and I love destroying the “girls are bad at games” norm and powering other women to play.
My father was a pioneer and pure definition of “nerd” when he attended high school. Magic the Gathering Alpha, Dungeon Mastering, Star Wars fanatic, video game guru. My parents were high school sweethearts, and though my mother wasn’t huge on the nerdy life style then, it just kinda grew on her after a while. So when they had me and my brother, they raised us right along with their hobbies. I always remember watching my dad play the N64 and NES and reading through his dungeon master’s guide. He even let us play with his original Star Wars toys and MTG cards (NO BLACK LOTUS WAS HARMED, but I can’t say the same for his toys. I’m sorry dad!). My mother brought us with her to work hours before her shift started to play board games with her fellow associates, which grew my passion for every board game type. I started playing in DnD Campaigns at seven or eight years old, same time I started dabbling in actually playing Magic and not just collecting all the horses.
When I got older I realized, according to mainstream society, I shouldn’t play, love, or be good at any type of game. Quite honestly, it sucked to realize. Most MTG games I went in to all started with “didn’t know my opponent would be so pretty”. Firstly: Thank you! Secondly: Prepare to lose. It all made my love for it grow stronger, and made me laugh more in the face of defeating a cocky opponent who assumes it’s an easy win. It made me push more to let fellow women know it’s OK to dominate in every aspect of their lives, including those where we’re told we’re supposedly trash at. It’s incredibly important to be a strong female gamer and to support and show fellow women they should too! 
An Actual Girl Gamer

Lucy is a creator of knowledge and a pincher of pennies (aka: grad student). In her free time, she enjoys writing apocalyptic fiction, watching Futurama, and sending memes to friends.

Jim was founded in the early 1970s, back when phone cords were kinked, pants were wide, and hair an unruly mess. We got rid of the phone cords, pants are now falling on the ground, but hair is still unruly. Lookin’ at you, Scooter.

Jim had been a corporate drone in the computer engineering field for 22+ years. He realized that while he was able to scratch his “detail orientation” itch with his work, it lacked the ability to make a direct, personal impact on the lives of people. So, after being conveniently laid off in 2017, he decided to make a 180 with his career and begin training for a career in nursing. He’s currently planning to enter a nursing program within the next year. He is also a math and science tutor in his spare time, when he has some.

Jim also is a father to two precocious teen-aged boys. He introduced them to D&D two years ago, and now they routinely play with friends. Jim also travels, enjoys standup paddle boarding, and drinking dark malty beer.

An avid gamer, graphic designer, and artist, she keeps busy with creative projects, seeing New Retro Wave bands perform, and playing D&D and video games. She’s been a part of our live broadcasts and is the creative force that made our Time2Tabletop website. 


Special Thanks

These are only a few of the people that have either given their time, investment, an encouraging word, or all of the above.

Will Jones, George Horch, Ruth Sparks, Lanvin Peets, Hans Chun, Sean Hower, Brian Feister, Rebekah Bell, Charles Ford, Sarah Wissenfisher, Nick Solo, James Goodnight, Jackie Johnson, Kat Cahill, Micheal Panush, and so many more!

Without them Time2Tabletop would not exist. Thank you for being there and believing in the dream!